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Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Aftermost Airbender has its fair allotment of barbarous villains. From awful baddies like Blaze Lord Ozai, Sozin and his abominable comet, and burglary apple benders anarchic innocent villagers, the appearance is book abounding of bad-natured malcontents gluttonous to adapt the apple in their image.

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None, however, are conceivably as angry or askance as the Blaze Nation angel herself, Azula. Azula is a adept manipulator, gaslighter, and barbarous tyrant who will do whatever all-important to accomplish her goals. During her time on the show, Azula has laid bottomward some appropriately barbarous annotation on life, taken appropriate from her own askance imaginations and philosophies. Here are ten of Azula’s best quotes in Avatar: The Aftermost Airbender.

This adduce is archetypal Azula, showcasing the villain’s signature weapon of choice: fear. This is alternate by her adamant nature, causing all of her aristocratic capacity to apple-polish afore her.

Azula’s abominable band about assurance occurs during a chat with Ursa, her mother who appears to the angel in as a apparitional angel in the mirror. Aback asked if whether or not Azula would rather apprentice a “higher” way of ambidextrous with people, the angel snaps, battlefront aback with, “What added best do I have? Assurance is for fools!”

Azula’s betrayal goes as far aback as adolescence aback she acclimated to manipulate–by abhorrence and coercion–her brother Zuko. Even Azula’s parents accustomed this trait, seeing their babe for the berry of angry she absolutely was.

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Thus, Azula remarked how her mother accepted this, is absolutely actual in her assumptions. Azula is annihilation abbreviate of aberrant — a affection she seems to be absolutely appreciative of.

This adduce is absolutely absolutely acrid advancing from out of the aperture of the bedmate of malfeasance. If there’s any distinct actuality in the Avatar cosmos who should not be trusted by any means, it’s Angel Azula.

Deception, fear, and browbeating are some of Azula’s admired tools, authoritative her, of all people, the best capricious actuality on the planet. That actuality said, in “The Guru” she does cascade off this adduce in acknowledgment to the Apple King, who laments his own troubles with award loyal subjects.

As amusing as this adduce may seem, the ambience brings home a abundant point about Azula’s character. Azula is a adept cheat and can angle words aloof as effectively as she aeroembolism fire.

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In “The Day of the Black Sun: Part 2: The Eclipse” Azula is confronted by Aang in the head allowance afterwards her father’s escape. There, Toph demands the angel acquaint the accuracy about the abode of the Blaze Lord, claiming she will apperceive if Azula is lying. Azula fires back, declaring she’s an able cheat abundant to Toph’s chagrin.

“The Crossroad of Destiny” is a above accident in the Avatar series, appearance a axis point for several characters (most conspicuously Zuko) as the appellation suggests. The adduce occurs in a chat with Long Fei area Azula reveals that she knows Fei comes from poverty.

Azula afresh punctuates this acknowledgment with her aesthetics on who deserves to aphorism — that rulership is affiliated through a alluringly called family. Azula additionally goes on to acknowledge she will be the one to aphorism afterwards her father.

This is Azula at her best ruthless, acclimation the activity imprisonment of Zuko’s ex-girlfriend Mai. Why? Because Mai dared to baffle the princess, declaring, “her adulation for Zuko is greater than her abhorrence of Azula.”

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Because of this, Azula comes bottomward on Mai with all the acrimony of the blaze angle aristocratic bloodline, advantageous her administrative guards to put her brother’s lover abroad for good. Fortunately for Mai, she survives the affliction and becomes a able accessory for Team Avatar.

When one thinks of Azula, amusement is apparently the aftermost appropriate that comes to mind. But Azula can absolutely be absolutely funny at times, whether that amusement be advised or accidental is a altered story, however.

In one such instance area Azula was absolutely funny on purpose occurred during her aboriginal affair with Aang. Although the Avatar doesn’t admit Azula, she places a duke over her eye and performs the best biting clothing of the acme prince she can aggregation (despite Aang’s non-reaction). “You can laugh,” she goes on to say. “It’s funny.”

Only Azula is afraid abundant to appetite in the afterlife of her own brother, which she does with such confidence it’s abundant to accord the toughest warrior the creeps. Well, that’s absolutely what Azula said in “The Southern Raiders” adventure of Avatar: The Aftermost Airbender.

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Here, Zuko and Team Avatar deathwatch up at the southern air temple to acquisition the admixture beneath advance by Blaze Nation. Afterwards actuality confronted by Azula, who leads the campaign, Zuko asks his battling sister why she has come. Her response? They bless actuality an alone child. Harsh!

“The Boiling Rock: Part 2” appearance addition hilarious-but-true account fabricated by Azula in accurate Azula fashion. In the episode, the angel interrupts the bastille administrator during the claiming of a assertive captive at Boiling Rock Bastille — a supermax-style penitentiary controlled by Blaze Nation for its best alarming criminals.

The man in catechism is doubtable of acute crime adjoin the prison, but afterwards aloof one glance Azula tells the administrator the man is innocent. Aback they ask how she knows, she claims she’s a bodies person. And annihilation could be added accurate as one charge be an able in the animal anima in and out to cull off the aiguille akin abetment Azula does.

Talk about brutal. This aftermost adduce occurs in the adventure blue-blooded “Zuko Alone” and appearance a anamnesis amid the adolescent prince and angel during the Hundred Year War. In the scene, Azula informs Zuko that Uncle Iroh has alternate from battle, Zuko acquisitive adjoin all that the war has assuredly appear to an end.

However, Azula retorts in her signature blunt style, citation Iroh to be both a also-ran and a quitter. This abstraction shocks the boys, abrogation him aghast as his sister saunters out of the room.

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