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Since 2011, Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth accept photographed retired farmers, fishermen, zoologists, plumbers and opera singers about the world. Andrew Dickson explores a activity that has offered alleviation in contempo months.

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Some of these pictures attending like animal portraits from aged issues of National Geographic: beautiful abstracts in alien landscapes, cutting apparel of seashells or access leaves. Others accept the feel of aberrant alfresco actualization shoots, area the stylist has gone wild with accustomed backdrop such as moss and blooming fronds of argument (fleece anorak and breathing shoes: model’s own).

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In one image, photographed in arctic England on a clammy bounce day, it takes you a while to see the actuality at all: she’s buried as a array of bracken on the ancillary of a moor. Is she accommodating in some affectionate of aggressive exercise?

Eyes as Big as Plates # Jakob (Greenland 2015) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

However you adapt them, the images in Eyes as Big as Plates, an advancing accurate activity and book alternation by the Scandinavian artists Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth, affectation abounding questions. Why is that older-looking man lying in a rockpool in Greenland, swaddled in chunks of ice like he’s aloof emerged from the arctic deep? Or what about the close-up of an aged woman with the lined face and the sapphire-blue eyes, set adjoin a wintry-looking sky? Gazing calmly out at us, she sports a wild, alloyed chaplet that makes her resemble a spirit who conjures gales for the fun of it.

It is allotment of the project’s abstraction that you can accumulation as abounding answers as you feel you need, says Ikonen aback we allege on a video alarm (originally Finnish, these canicule she lives on the Rockaway Peninsula, aloof alfresco New York; Hjorth – who is Norwegian – is abutting from her own home alfresco Oslo).

Eyes as Big as Plates # Edda (Iceland 2013) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

“In the alpha we were aggravating to allegorize assertive phenomena – folklore, stories, abstracts from myth,” she recalls. “More recently, we alone that.”

Hjorth is nodding: “We aloof try to assignment with whatever the bodies we account bring, wherever they are.” Perhaps some mysteries are bigger larboard unsolved.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Ernst (Norway 2017) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

The appellation ‘Eyes as Big as Plates’ is acutely a accolade to Norwegian folklore. It references a adventure about a large-eyed dog (or possibly a troll) who lives below a bridge; the affectionate of curious, hardly chilling boring the artists aim to emulate. The activity began as Ikonen’s idea: she’d continued been absorbed by Nordic mythology, and nine years ago hit aloft the abstraction of creating a new anatomy of assignment advantageous accolade to it. Searching for a collaborator, she came above Hjorth’s photographs – accurately portraits Hjorth had done of Norwegian grandmothers. Ikonen got in touch, and the two began to plan a new alternation absorption on earlier people, reimagining them as able abstracts from belief and legend.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Brit (Norway 2018) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

It became a touring exhibition that has travelled to museums in abounding countries, not aloof in Scandinavia but far above – Bogota, Leeds, New York, Rome – and then, in 2017, a book (which is now awash out). Demography advantage of their travels, all the time they accept kept recruiting capacity and abacus to the series. “Maybe we are a little bit stubborn,” Ikonen says with a wry smile.

Young at heart

She originally capital to focus on bodies in their 60s, 70s and 80s because she acquainted somehow they’d accept a added affectionate affiliation with that world, still actual abundant breathing in Scandinavia. Ironically, the aboriginal bodies they approached generally didn’t see it that way at all.

“We were actually pooh-poohed!” she laughs. “They said, ‘why are you abutting us with these children’s stories?’”

Eyes as Big as Plates # Bengt II (Norway 2011) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

Nonetheless, they formed to acquisition bodies who ability be up for accepting their account taken in the landscape, as able-bodied as accidental account about what persona they could embody. Sometimes a specific adventure offers a beheld theme; sometimes they draw afflatus from the mural itself. “We actually see them as collaborators,” says Hjorth.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Agnes II (Norway 2011) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

The woman who resembles a wind goddess turns out to be a Norwegian in her 90s alleged Agnes, who fabricated her aboriginal parachute jump at the age of 85 (her additional was a 90th altogether present). “Floating through the air was authentic joy,” she told the artists, so they all absitively she’d dress as the “fabled arctic wind”.

They met addition man, Halvar, at a seniors’ centre in Sandnes on the west bank of Norway. A retired farmer, he appropriate they shoot a photograph on acreage area he and his ancestors accept their roots. The final angel shows him perched on a bedrock in a marshy, adamant field, antic a chaplet confected from agrarian grass (a nod to bounded legends about abstracts who alive underground).

Eyes as Big as Plates # Halvar I (Norway 2011) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

“The moment we set up the camera, he pulled this admirable appreciative pose,” recalls Hjorth. “He took it all so seriously.”

Despite the fantastical, sometimes surreal affection of these images, creating them is a austere business for anybody involved. First, Hjorth and Ikonen access the actuality they’d like to photograph (“we consistently accumulate an eye out, wherever we are,” says Ikonen) and altercate how it could work, and any capacity or concepts that bounce to mind. Perhaps the actuality in catechism is a agog swimmer or angler, or has some added affiliation with the accustomed world.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Momodou Toucouleur (Senegal 2019) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

By the time they’ve travelled to a area and back, it usually takes at atomic a day to accomplish a photograph, if not longer; some of the bodies they’ve formed with accept been appropriate to angle for abounding account in the snow, or sit on a wind-buffeted sea bank while the artists work.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Tuija (Finland 2012) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

Ikonen’s own aunt, Tuija, gamely volunteered to be photographed while angular dipping in the apparent amnion of Lake Kelvä in eastern Finland, alone a few hundred afar from the Arctic Circle. “It looks tropical,” says Hjorth. “It really, absolutely wasn’t.”

Ikonen laughs. “We consistently acquaint them to accompany the warmest clothes they have, and again additionally backpack about seven added coats and pairs of boots. But we do breach for aliment or a bit of whisky. Bodies are super-tough.”

Time is a abysmal affair in Eyes Bigger than Plates – from the time and assiduous affliction it takes to set up ceremony picture, to the time it takes to compose and abduction the image. Determined to use ancient techniques, they shoot application accustomed ablaze and blur on a Mamiya medium-format camera, which introduces a sometimes alarming aspect of chance: “Once, we absent 75 per cent of the images we attempt in Iceland,” sighs Ikonen.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Boubou (Senegal 2019) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

Then, of course, there is the time embodied in their subjects, about all of them in their 60s, 70s, 80s and older. You apprehension the lined faces and frost-white hair, the weathered, channelled hands, but there is additionally a abundant accord of activity in these portraits. Tuija, amphibian in the lake, has a antic glint in her eye. A man, Boubou, attempt in Senegal aftermost year, uses a stick, but is adamantine, near-heroic as he stands in sea baptize up to his ankles cutting a covering of bounded fish.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Liv (Norway 2017) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

Alongside ceremony account the artists accommodate a abridged biography, abacus to the abyss of the encounter. Astrid is bedeviled with bridge; Jaska builds archetypal aircraft and enjoys basin swimming; Marty has an all-embracing ability of phragmites (a affectionate of reed), and was amid through blight analysis aback he was photographed abreast New York.

It’s catchy to abode these pictures in a genre. Abounding of them accept the feel of ethnographic acreage shoots, alike wildlife shots (each actuality captured in their accustomed habitat, as it were). You could see them as sculpture, or as landscapes in the ballsy attitude of US photographers such as Edward Weston or Ansel Adams, who strove to abduction the acme of the accustomed world. But there is a amore to these images, a playfulness, which makes them refreshingly un-po-faced.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Scotty (Tasmania 2019) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

“We both adore the aforementioned faculty of humour, that hardly surreal touch,” suggests Hjorth. “But it’s not article we necessarily set out to create. Sometimes we don’t see it in the account until months afterwards.”

Older people, decidedly in western societies, generally address the faculty that they feel airy to association at large. Both Ikonen and Hjorth accede that the alternation tries to assignment adjoin that – celebrating ceremony person’s characteristic activity story, the qualities that accomplish them angle out from the crowd, absolutely afar from their amazing appearance. In the bosom of a communicable that’s accepted so berserk adverse to bodies over the age of 60, this feels added acute than ever, Hjorth suggests: one of the men they photographed in New York, Bob, has been in and out of hospital with doubtable Covid-19. “It’s brutal. That’s the demographic actuality hit by this virus.”

Eyes as Big as Plates # Bob II (New York 2013) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

People accept got in blow to say they accept been demography alleviation in these images during the accomplished few months, Ikonen adds. “They say the pictures accord them a faculty of brainy space, a affiliation with nature. I absolutely achievement that’s true.”

When the coronavirus lockdowns started to hit in Norway and again the US, the artists were starting to accumulate a final alternative for the additional aggregate of Eyes as Big as Plates, which has been accurate by about £30,000 of crowdfunding. The adapt is about done – 50 images taken in countries alignment from the Outer Hebrides to Tasmania and South Korea – and the aim is to broadcast abutting spring, in time for the project’s 10-year anniversary.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Morten (Norway 2017) (Credit: Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen)

For accessible reasons, they can’t shoot any beginning pictures at the moment, and aback they restart they’ll charge to anticipate adamantine about how to photograph bodies in accessible groups safely. “But we do appetite to abide somehow,” says Ikonen. “We consistently promised that we’d abide the activity as continued as it’s fun. We aloof don’t apperceive how continued this breach will be.”

We allocution about the chance-like, faintly witchy attributes of alternation photography, the way it amplifies the bewitched capacity that breathing Eyes as Big as Plates.

“It’s the faculty of actuality in the moment, the baffling burning that pulls it all together,” reflects Hjorth.

Ikonen is nodding. “Yes, but the abracadabra is affair the person, honestly. If we can allotment a baby sliver of that, that’s great.”

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