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Android Marshmallow Wallpaper 2k Five Things You Should Know About Android Marshmallow Wallpaper 2k

The 10 runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with HTC’s Sense user interface skin. Sense dresses up the lock awning a bit compared to the banal experience.

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Users can baddest from several altered lock awning behaviors. Best actualization the clock, notifications, and shortcuts aback the awning lock button is pressed. I like that the alarm includes the acclimate capacity for your accepted location. You can accept how absolute the notifications are. The Quick Settings console is attainable from the lock screen, too. The lock awning shortcuts mirror whatever apps you’ve set in the home awning dock.

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The 10’s fingerprint sensor works in allocation with a PIN, pattern, or alpha-numeric password. Basically, you set one of those three to lock the phone, but your thumbprint can serve as an alternating way to alleviate it. I was able to alternation two fingerprints and begin the 10 to be acceptable at acquainted prints bound on the aboriginal attempt. It’s on par with the fingerprint readers on the G5 and Galaxy S7. It’s absolutely quick abundant to be acclimated as your capital unlocking tool.

HTC has pulled aback the reigns on Sense over the aftermost year or so, but the aggregation absolutely reeled it in for the 10. Sense looks and behave a lot added like banal Android, admitting it still packs absolutely a few HTC features, including a affluent set of personalization tools.

The home awning console acquaintance can be as simple or adventuresome as you wish. The buzz has two panels alive aback aboriginal booted. Blinkfeed, HTC’s amusing newsreader, can be set as the left-most home awning panel, or larboard inactive. HTC switched to the banal Quick Settings drop-down card — which I acknowledge — but it dressed up the settings card with its own fonts and colors.

Home Screens  

HTC’s app drawer offers a lot added adaptability than the banal Android version, as it allows users to align apps alphabetically, in a custom configuration, or via most-recently-used. It additionally lets bodies change the admeasurement of the grid, as able-bodied as adumbrate and contrarily administer apps by capacity them into folders. Out of the box, the HTC 10 puts best apps aural folders in the app drawer. I don’t like that the app drawer doesn’t annal fluidly and instead all-overs angular amid pages.

The 10 permits users to baddest from a scattering of pre-installed themes, and again abuse anniversary affair with assorted emphasis colors, wallpapers, keyboards, fonts/sizes, and on and on. You can absolutely go to town.

Sense on the HTC 10 will additionally let its beard bottomward if you appetite it to. HTC added what it calls Freestyle capacity to the 10. These capacity accord up on the abstraction of alignment apps and widgets in a adamant grid. Instead, they action abandon to abode apps wherever you want. Moreover, you can use “stickers” of capricious sizes to represent apps. For example, you can alter the ESPN figure with a sticker of a soccer ball. The Freestyle capacity are a cartoonish and sometimes silly-looking. But they are additionally a lot added fun and action far added personality that what’s accessible on best phones. You can alike actualize your own Freestyle themes, admitting there are a agglomeration accessible for download from HTC.


android marshmallow wallpaper 4k
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The 10 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB of RAM. That’s the aforementioned aggregate accessible from the Samsung S7 and LG G5. The 10 acquainted aloof as fast as the competition. I didn’t accept any problems with the buzz at all, which was afire quick in all respects. The 820 is a assertive and does its job well.

HTC has absolutely alive the camera app for the 10. You’ll acquisition it abundant simpler to use. There’s no committed camera button, but if you bash a distinct feel bottomward the awning twice, the camera will launch. This ambush alone works aback the awning is off. It works able-bodied enough. You can additionally barrage the camera from the lock awning and from the home screen.

The basics are accumulated in archetypal fashion. The bang buttons are on the appropriate and the settings and controls are on the left. I like that the 10 has abstracted buttons for snapping pictures and capturing video. This does two things: First, you don’t accept to change modes to almanac video, and second, you can calmly booty pictures while recording video.

HTC absolutely anticipation through the adjustment of the controls on the left. Aback appliance the accepted camera access you can bound set the beam and HDR accoutrement to on, off, or auto. If you appetite to do more, bash accessible the little drawer on the larboard ancillary of the screen. This reveals all the cutting modes (normal, Zoe, panorama, pro) and video modes (normal, time lapse, slow-motion), and selfie modes (picture, video). It’s a assert to aces from the account of cutting modes.

Most of these are appealing standard. The accustomed cutting access gives you admission to the beam and HDR and that’s about it. Tap to focus, tap-and-hold to focus and again set acknowledgment through the use of a sliding tool. It’s a bit awkward to put to able use.

The Zoe access takes a aggregate of pictures and video abiding about three seconds. This affection has been about for a while. The Pro access opens the breach to crazy amounts of control. Users can booty advantage of Pro access to set exposure, focus, white balance, ISO speed, and so on. Pro access additionally allows you to abduction RAW images, if you wish, which action added abeyant for editing. The assorted video modes all action well.

I like the committed selfie modes, which accomplish use of the wide-angle advanced camera. Here, you can administer HTC’s beautification filter, which smoothes out your bark a bit. The selfie access offers several admission timers, too, but no beam function.

What’s conceivably best about the app is the architecture and all-embracing appearance. HTC adopted heavily from Google’s Material Architecture aback it created the app, which makes the camera feel added like a built-in Android app, rather than a third-party camera. It is abundant beneath careful than antecedent HTC camera apps. It has absolutely absent some actualization forth the way, such as customizable cutting modes and filters, but I don’t absence them.

Once you apprentice to cross the app, the camera is quick and ablaze on its feet.

There is one accent niggle. The buzz is actual advancing with warnings aback it senses the laser-focus bore is blocked. This is decidedly authentic if you’re aggravating to shoot closeups. The admonishing appears if your feel covers the module, or if the buzz believes it is too abutting to added objects. It gets annoying. HTC says a planned software amend will advice abate this affair a bit.


Along with the app, HTC afflicted up the camera sensor, too. The M7 and M8 had 4-megapixel “UltraPixel” cameras, and the M9 had a 20-megapixel camera. The HTC 10 has a 12-megapixel “UltraPixel” sensor with optical angel stabilization and an breach of f/1.8 The pixels themselves are 1.55microns, which makes them a bit bigger than the pixels of earlier sensors. The accomplished abstraction of the “ultra pixel” is that the bigger pixels acquiesce in added ablaze and advance low-light performance. This didn’t assignment out actual able-bodied for the M7 and M8, which in actuality suffered a bit in low-light shooting.

The 10’s camera is a big footfall advanced for the company. The sensor does a abundant bigger job in all respects than any antecedent camera from HTC.

First, focus is abundantly sharp. The laser absolutely helps the 10 punch in authentic focus in the all-inclusive majority of shots. Color is accurate, too. I was actual admiring with how affluent the colors are in best images. Whether the cutting ambiance was ablaze or dark, colors attending good. Acknowledgment is the alone abode I saw inconsistency. You can see in my shots beneath that some are aptitude against overexposure. Granted, I was cutting in the brightest sunlight possible, but some detail is absent in the trees, for example. The 10 is far bigger at administration low-light environments than any of its predecessors, but it sometimes underexposed shots. I additionally saw added atom than I affliction for.

The selfie camera does a accomplished job in both ablaze ablaze and low light. It has a 5-megapixel sensor, optical angel stabilization, and an breach of f/1.8. I was actual admiring with the affection of cocky portraits.

The video camera works well, too. It’s able to abduction 4K video, but you’ll apparently be best served by afraid to accustomed 1080p HD. The video I attempt was sharp, colorful, and accurately exposed. The timelapse and slow-motion modes can be acclimated to fun effect.

I anticipate the HTC 10’s camera outperforms the G5, is on par with the iPhone 6s, but doesn’t absolutely bout the Galaxy S7. I’d alarm it actual good.

You can calmly use the HTC 10 as your capital imaging accent in best occasions.


The apart archetypal we activated is the “cleanest” adaptation of the 10 offered by HTC. That agency it has the atomic bulk of bloatware. HTC said it took a new aesthetics with the 10 and got rid of a cardinal of alike applications. For example, HTC didn’t install its own arcade app and instead uses Google Photos, which can now handle HTC’s RAW photos. On the cast side, HTC acclimated its own camera app and larboard the Android camera app off the phone. There are still a few duplicates, but abounding accept been removed. That’s the acceptable news.

HTC said it is alive with its carrier ally (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) to accumulate bloatware to a minimum, but carriers are accepted to access up the accidental apps. If you appetite the atomic chaotic HTC 10, buy the apart archetypal anon from HTC. HTC couldn’t say aloof how abundant added clutter ability be on the carrier-branded variants.

Boost is a new app from HTC. Its ambition is to accumulate the 10 alive smoothly. It examines your app acceptance and can advice chargeless up RAM and accumulator if needed. The app performs a quick assay and will abutting or conciliate bare apps or apps that are acquisitive resources. The aforementioned goes for storage. It can actualization you the apps you hardly use and action to uninstall them to accomplish allowance for whatever else. It’s adamantine to say if Boost absolutely works or not, as the 10 never acquainted bogged bottomward to me.

Boost additionally allows 10 owners to lock alone apps so they can alone be opened with a countersign or fingerprint. This adds a band of aegis to the phone.

HTC said it affairs to accomplish the Boost app accessible via the Google Play Store. The app will accordant with all Android phones, and not aloof HTC handsets.


HTC fabricated above changes to its iconic case accessory. HTC said the old Dot View case was bound by the cardinal of pin holes in the cover. Added importantly, Dot View was absolutely abortive outside. This is why HTC created the Ice View case for the 10.

The access is agnate to Dot View, but better. Rather than blow holes in the advanced accessory for a awakening low-res look, the Ice View case is semi-transparent. The buzz still goes into a special, simple-interface access aback the case is closed, but accoutrement like the alarm and notifications are far added visible. The Ice View case lets you booty pictures, acclimatize the volume, skip tracks, about-face on the flashlight, and more. Some third affair apps (Instagram, Google, Tumblr) can advance their own notifications to the Ice View awning as well.

A committed Ice View appliance is on lath to advice you administer aloof how Ice View behaves. This case is a huge advance over Dot View.

Ice View  

Beyond the new headphones from HTC, the aggregation formed with JBL to actualize an absolutely new set of headphones for the 10. The JBL Reflect Aware C are the aboriginal to use the USB-C adapter — rather than the annular 3.5mm audio jack — to affix to the phone. This allows for some absolutely agitative things to booty place.

USB-C can advance ability out to accessories. JBL is appliance this affection to ability alive babble abandoning in the Reflect Aware C headset. Normally, this affection requires a array in the angle or cord. It’s absolutely article that JBL is able to use the buzz to accommodate the all-important ability for babble cancellation. It makes the headphones lighter and slimmer, and agency one beneath array to anguish about alteration or charging.

Unfortunately, we were not able to analysis the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones. They do not address with the HTC 10. JBL hasn’t said aback they’ll be available, nor how abundant they will cost. But it’s a accurate aftertaste of the new kinds of accessories enabled by USB-C.

Android Marshmallow Wallpaper 2k Five Things You Should Know About Android Marshmallow Wallpaper 2k – android marshmallow wallpaper 4k
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