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Android Wallpaper 1k Download 1 Small But Important Things To Observe In Android Wallpaper 1k Download

The Windows 10 lock awning is adequately adapted as far as managing admission alerts is concerned.

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Nothing ancestor up on its own, so you do charge to columnist the awning lock button or double-press the bottle to appearance any lock awning content. The 4S lock awning shows a ample clock, the date, and user-customizable notifications on top of your wallpaper. You can accept to appearance basal brand calculation notifications from several apps (email, calendar, phone, messaging) on the screen. Moreover, you may accent one of these on the lock screen. I’ve consistently prefered prioritizing the agenda app because it highlights my abutting event.

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You can accept whether or not the Action Center is attainable from this screen. The Action Center (which is agnate to Android’s Quick Settings menu) drops bottomward for admission to assertive controls and all-embracing notifications. I like that you can acknowledge to notifications anon from the Action Center.

The Idol 4S for Windows includes a fingerprint sensor. The Windows software will airing you through the action of abacus fingerprints and it’s adequately painless. The clairvoyant is quick and accurate. If you’re not absorbed in the fingerprint sensor, you can accept a PIN or countersign to defended the buzz instead. The fingerprint clairvoyant is the fastest way to alleviate the buzz as continued is you’re already captivation the accessory in your hand. If the Idol 4S is sitting on a table or lath you accept to bifold tap the screen, bash up the notifications, and access your PIN.

Lock Awning  

Windows 10 Mobile runs on the Idol 4S as it does on all added Windows handsets. It includes activating Live Tiles on the Start screen, as able-bodied as an arrangement of drop-down and slide-over panels for authoritative assorted aspects of the phone.

You can align the Live Tiles into three columns, and the tiles are attainable in small, medium, and ample sizes. Many of the Live Tiles amend automatically with agreeable and notifications, while others are aloof simple app icons. I like that you can administer the accuracy of the tiles as able-bodied as their color. The Start screen, abiding in an amaranthine vertical column, supports folders, alteration wallpapers, and so on.

The abounding app card is a continued annual of apps sorted alphabetically in a distinct column. A chase bar at the top is the quickest way to acquisition apps if you accept dozens or added installed.

The arrangement settings are access bottomward into groups and anniversary accumulation acutely spells out what controls or accoutrement are within. As in the app menu, a chase bar makes award alone settings a breeze. You can accomplish all the archetypal adjustments to the phone, such as colors, themes, ringers and active sounds, and so on. It’s all adequately attainable to digest.

The Idol 4S is the fastest Windows 10 accessory I’ve used. The Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM are added than abundant ability for this handset, abnormally because the abounding HD screen. It’s like Alcatel put a Ferrari agent into a Ford. The Idol 4S performed calmly beyond the lath and never acquainted sluggish.

Home Awning  

The committed camera button is configurable. You can bifold columnist to attainable the camera from the lock screen, or set it to barrage and blaze off a shot. Once pressed, the camera launches quickly. The 4S uses the absence Windows 10 app, which is aboveboard and attainable to use.

There are alone three basal cutting modes: camera, video, and panorama. You can affairs the camera button to booty distinct images, or blaze a access / shoot video with a continued press. You can blow the angel to lock in focus, but you consistently accept to use the bang button to abduction images.

A baby band adorns the top of the viewfinder and holds the controls that let you about-face to the user-facing camera, toggle through the beam settings, and about-face HDR on or off (there’s no “auto” HDR setting). The band expands to acknowledge the Pro cutting tools, which accommodate abounding chiral controls. Back in Pro mode, you can administer white balance, exposure, ISO, brightness, and focus all on your own. Sadly, bang speeds are bound to 0.6 abnormal at the slowest, which banned artistic potential. A timelapse action is attainable from aural the settings tools.

Beyond these tools, there are no added cutting modes included. For example, there’s no bokeh, no filters, no action mode, no night/evening mode, etc. However you can download Lenses — which add aback some of these appearance — from the Windows Store. (Sadly, Microsoft’s Lumia-branded Lenses are off-limits.)

The camera performs well, acknowledgment to the Snapdragon 820 chip. It takes but an burning for the buzz to focus, abduction images, save them, and get attainable to shoot addition images. Cutting with HDR takes a lot best compared to added phones I’ve activated lately.


Alcatel gave the Windows 4S a 21-megapixel Sony Exmor camera sensor, absolutely a bang over the 16-megapixel ballista in the Android version. The camera app defaults to the 16:9 aspect ratio, which crops images to a lower resolution. You charge to change the ambience to 4:3 to get the abounding pixel count.

In general, the Windows 4S takes bluff images than the Android 4S and badly bigger pictures than any added Windows buzz I’ve advised this year. As aciculate as the pictures are, acknowledgment and white antithesis could both be a bit added consistent. The 4S has a little bit of agitation with low-light scenes, and the HDR action didn’t aftermath after-effects that are as activating as added phones I’ve activated recently. There’s no agnosticism the Idol 4S is a acceptable advantage for Windows Buzz users.

The 8-megapixel selfie cam does a adapted job, too. It doesn’t action any appearance added than a selfie beam (screen burst). Application the beam helps a LOT back demography selfies indoors. I awful acclaim it.

The buzz can abduction video up to 4K, but you’ll be best served by afraid with abounding HD. The buzz struggled a bit back recording 4K footage and got really, absolutely warm. The 4K after-effects attending okay, but not decidedly bigger than abounding HD footage.

Bottom line: the Idol 4S with Windows is a solid accustomed shooter.


T-Mobile kept the bloatware to a minimum. In fact, the T-Mobile annual administration app is the alone T-Mobile app pre-installed. Some third-party apps such as Uber are on board, but Windows allows you to annul best exceptionable apps with ease.

Perhaps best importantly, the 4S supports Continuum, which allows it to serve as a abounding Windows 10 PC back affiliated to the adapted set of accessories. I activated it with my Continuum hub and begin achievement to be on par with the Lumia 950. That agency the accessory is a advantageous PC substitute, but it’s not the best acquaintance on earth. Specifically, apps acquainted a bit apathetic in Continuum mode. Awning transitions were additionally a bit laggy actuality and there. You can still get abroad with application the Idol 4S as a abounding computer, but I’d shy abroad from processor-intensive tasks like gaming. You’ll be admiring as continued as you stick to simple browsing or certificate editing.

Microsoft’s Office abundance apartment is on board, and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive. The apps are accomplished for authoritative quick edits or creating new documents. OneDrive automatically syncs aggregate so your files are attainable from anywhere. The account of these apps cannot be understated. They’re fantastic. The aforementioned goes for the Outlook email app, and the Edge browser. Let’s not balloon the Cortana articulation assistant, which gets smarter every day.

Microsoft Apps  

The Idol 4S with Windows is the aboriginal Windows handset to address with a VR viewer. In truth, it’s the exact aforementioned eyewitness Alcatel offered with the Android Idol 4S. There is a acceptable alternative of VR agreeable aboard the phone, but none of it is actual good.

I was affronted with the VR acquaintance as a whole. The eyewitness itself is fine, but the apps and achievement of the buzz in the angle artlessly don’t bout what’s attainable to Android devices. The lower awning resolution hurts the most, but so does the abridgement of affinity with accepted and trusted VR apps/services from Google, like YouTube VR. Right now, all my admired VR agreeable is that which I’ve attempt myself application the Google Cardboard camera. None of that is attainable to the Idol 4S with Windows.

Alcatel formed with Microsoft to admit VR agreeable assimilate this device. Who knows what Alcatel’s charge will be to befitting this agreeable beginning and updated.

In added words, don’t buy the Idol 4S with Windows for the VR experience.

VR Stuff  

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