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It’s the best admirable time of the year. In that time-honoured tradition, high-street aliment chains accept aloof launched their blithe menus. And, of course, The Mail on Sunday was aboriginal in the chain to try them – and put them beneath our comestible microscope.

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There’s Pret’s chaw pots of pigs in blankets, and Subway’s hardly scary-looking bacon-wrapped-sausage sub. Starbucks has a Truffle Deluxe Hot Chocolate, while McDonald’s offers a Bifold Big Mac fabricated up of four beef patties (quite what that has to do with Christmas, I’m not sure, but it comes in a festive-looking box).

The trend appears to be: to hell with advantageous eating.

Eve Simmons, pictured, activated out some of the blithe favourites on action by takeaways, coffee shops and restaurants and was afraid to acquisition that the treats were not as bad for you as you would think

And, as ever, the health-food Stasi will be up in arms, claiming there are ‘hidden’ dangers in accedence to these treats.

But indulgent and calorific as they may seem, is it absolutely that bad for us to eat the odd deep-fried croissant-doughnut (thanks, M&S) aback we’re aggravating to get into the blithe spirit? The acknowledgment is, surprisingly, apparently not.

It’s accurate that when, over the continued term, we absorb added than the recommended circadian calorie complete (roughly 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men), and don’t exercise, the balance action ends up actuality stored as fat. But bistro alike 500 calories on top of that circadian allowance every day for a anniversary – the agnate of, say, a Christmas buzz cafeteria sandwich – is not abundant to appearance up on the scales. You’d accretion about a batter of anatomy fat, according to dietician Alexia Dempsey. ‘But,’ she adds, ‘we alter by a batter or two daily, artlessly by elimination our bowels, so it won’t accomplish abundant difference.’

Even with no activity, the anatomy bound adapts to a abbreviate aeon of balance consumption, preventing our weight from surging.

Dr Giles Yeo, an able in blubber and analysis from Cambridge University, explains: ‘When there’s a sudden, cogent access in anatomy fat, the academician triggers the absolution of chemicals that ascendancy ache and adequateness signals, as able-bodied as hormones to acceleration up the bulk of action we bake in the afterward days.’

Essentially, if we eat abundant during a abbreviate aeon to activate putting on weight, the anatomy starts to stop us from absent to eat more.

Dr Yeo adds: ‘Anyone who has anytime had a big blast at Christmas will recognise the cravings for lighter commons that set in by the time January hits. This is due to both cerebral and biological mechanisms which advice us lose any post-Christmas weight by February afterwards absolutely trying.’

And studies affirm this: best advantageous bodies who eat boundless calories over a few canicule will artlessly eat beneath the circadian complete the afterward week.

As for the 6,000 calories we’re predicted to absorb on Christmas Day alone, Duane Mellor, a chief diet academician at Aston University, says: ‘Short-term, a lot of added aliment will aloof break in your digestive tract. A few canicule will annual actual basal weight accretion – if any at all.’

Research shows that commons abundant in basics are abandoned partially digested, with the blow catastrophe up in the toilet, while up to a fifth of the calories in meat-heavy dishes are acclimated during the action of digestion.

Hurrah! Christmas-tree-shaped brownies are on me!

As for the 6,000 calories we’re predicted to absorb on Christmas Day alone, Duane Mellor, a chief diet academician at Aston University, says: ‘Short-term, a lot of added aliment will aloof break in your digestive tract. A few canicule will annual actual basal weight accretion – if any at all’

There are, of course, those who will say no acknowledgment to these treats, calling them junk. It’s actual that abounding of them accommodate a ample aggregate of sugar, fat, alkali and, ultimately, calories. And yes, diets abundant in clutter aliment are affiliated to affliction and an aboriginal death. But Christmas comes but already a year, and you won’t airship afterwards indulging over a anniversary or two.

In fact, it takes years to get absolutely overweight. A 2011 abstraction involving 100,000 adults begin that blubber about occurred over two decades, with participants consistently accepting about three pounds per year. And the advisers abhorrent a host of hasty factors, including beddy-bye deprivation, a abridgement of bake-apple and veg and an over-reliance on unfilling bathetic drinks for energy.

One austere accident of balance fat is that it can accrue in the liver, accretion the affairs of developing blazon 2 diabetes and alarmist disease. ‘But you’d accept to over-indulge in blubbery foods best canicule for weeks to see this risk,’ says Dr Yeo. ‘At Christmas, bodies ability do this for a brace of canicule anniversary week, not every day.

‘It’s what you’re bistro consistently the added 50 weeks of the year that is best important for a advantageous anatomy weight. And adequate ourselves in times of anniversary is appropriately important – both for concrete and brainy health.’

With this in mind, we advised a few of the blithe foods that accept popped up on the aerial artery to see aloof what the accident is – and put them to the aftertaste test.

The better shock? Abounding are far convalescent than you ability expect…

Getting fat is harder than you think 

Subway Tiger Pig: £3.59 

Subway Tiger Pig: £3.59

Cals (per 6in sub) 423

Sugar 6.3g

Total fat 14g

Sat fat 5.2g

Fibre 7.4g

Protein 23g

Salt 2.2g

Health verdict 

No one would apprehend a sub blimp with a bacon-wrapped sausage and smothered in the buttery booze of your allotment to be low-ish-cal – and yet, somehow Subway managed it.

They don’t accomplish accessible the abounding capacity lists, so it’s all rather mysterious. Subway aliment consistently seems rather constructed and insubstantial, but there’s a arresting bulk of fibre – as abundant as in bisected a tin of chickpeas.

Oddly, this sub contains aloof a fifth of the recommended circadian saturated fat intake, which was accession surprise. We are academic the pork they’ve acclimated has been bulked with rusks or accession bulking abettor – a accepted ambush – which would cut the fat and accord to the fibre. If you’re accepting a foot-long sub, bifold all the diet stats.

Taste test 

Frankly, a disappointment. The sausage was banal and rubbery. The abandoned flavour came from the sweet, ambrosial pepper sauce. Abounding marks for not actuality that bad for you, none for actuality nice.


Marks & Spencer Santa yumnuts £1.50

Marks & Spencer Santa yumnuts: £1.50

Cals (per yumnut) 391

Sugar 28g

Total fat 20g

Sat fat 10g

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Fibre 0.7g

Protein 3g

Salt 0.4g

Health verdict 

Look, bloom aliment this absolutely isn’t. A yumnut is a croissant-doughnut amalgam – a deep-fried cool adhesive ring, saturated in amoroso and, in this case, smothered in blithe blithe Santa-themed icing.

At about 400 cals, a distinct yumnut would annual for your complete recommended assimilation for breakfast but with few complete comestible benefits, abreast from the actuality that its aerial fat content, alongside the mega-dose of amoroso and carbs, would apparently accumulate you abounding for continued time, as fat slows the digestive process.

Taste test 

It was actual good. Obviously it’s an complete sugar-bomb, and I would accept adopted it afterwards the icing, but that’s array of the accomplished point of the package. The yumnut gets abounding marks for taste… but aloof one point for nutrition.


Pret Christmas Cafeteria Baguette: £3.99

Pret Christmas Cafeteria Baguette: £3.99

Cals 707

Sugar 9.9g

Total fat 29.1g

Sat fat 5g

Fibre 4.1g

Protein 31.8g

Salt 3.6g

Health verdict

A beefy 9in baguette abounding with turkey, mayonnaise, anchorage and orange cranberry sauce, pork stuffing, rocket leaves and brittle onions.

At 700-odd calories, it’s not far off the recommended 600 calories for a capital meal, but its 31g of protein, forth with fibre and bushing carbs, should beggarly you shouldn’t be tempted to chaw after on.

Turkey is artlessly angular and there’s aloof 5g of saturated fat in this, which is about a division of the recommended circadian amount. The two-and-a-bit teaspoons of sugar, mostly provided by the cranberry sauce, is a third of your circadian complete but still beneath than in a ploughman’s sandwich.

Taste test 

Heartily abounding with clammy turkey – and if you can get through aloof bisected afterwards accident the top button of your trousers, we acclaim you.


Pret S’mores Hot Chocolate: £3.15

Pret S’mores Hot Chocolate: £3.15

Cals (per 12oz cup) 418

Sugar 42.5g

Total fat 21.6g

Sat fat 13.7g

Salt 0.4g


S’mores are a US bivouac attitude – a broiled acquiescent sandwiched amid a aboveboard of amber and a cracker.

This alcohol is added inspired-by than accurate copy: hot chocolate, fabricated with semi-skimmed milk and biscuit-flavour syrup, topped with aerated cream, amber $.25 and a marshmallow. It’ll appear as little abruptness that it’s sugary. There’s a teaspoon added than you’ll get in a can of Coke. It additionally has added than alert the saturated fat of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

There are a lot of calories actuality for a alcohol – a fifth of a woman’s recommended circadian limit.

It’s absurd to be all that filling, so absolutely at the casual amusement end of things.

Taste test 

Sickly. I didn’t accomplishment it. It does attending blithe and cute: ‘Melvin’, the little acquiescent snowman ‘mascot’, earns the amusement bisected a point, but, sadly, he’s the abandoned redeeming feature, accustomed that the barmy chrism topping melts quickly, abrogation the accomplished affair attractive rather deflated.


Starbucks Truffle Deluxe Hot Chocolate: £3.10

Starbucks Truffle Deluxe Hot Chocolate: £3.10

Cals (per 8oz cup) 177

Sugar 15.8g

Total fat 12g

Sat fat 8g

Salt 0g

Health verdict

Made with mocha-whipped chrism and brindled with balance of amber truffles, this contains four teaspoons of amoroso and, in a distinct drink, delivers a fair allocation of your recommended circadian assimilation of saturated fat (20g for women, 30g for men). 

And as, on average, we tend to absorb about 35 per cent added than the recommended limit, it’s account blockage alert of this, as diets aerial in saturated fat accept been affiliated to poor affection health, weight accretion and affliction in general.

But there are still beneath calories in this than a pint of beer, and about the amoroso agnate of three ample glasses of wine – which you ability be missing out on while the pubs are still shut.

Taste test

Unsurprisingly sweet and very, actual rich. You accept to get through the mocha chrism afore you get to the alcohol – by which time I acquainted abounding and hardly ill.


McDonald’s Absolute Caramel Latte: £1.69

McDonald’s Absolute Caramel Latte: £1.69

Cals (per 12oz cup) 164

Sugar 20g

Total fat 5.8g

Sat fat 3.8g

Fibre 0.7g

Protein 7.8g

Salt 0.5g

Health verdict 

You’ve got to duke it to McDonald’s for its efforts to accomplish alike the best excessive-looking treats about healthy… ish.

The bristles teaspoons of amoroso in this absolute caramel syrup-laden brew is, of course, not ideal – and could aftereffect in after ache affliction and/or rotten teeth if bashed frequently. It’s still abundant beneath than a can of Coke, though.

And, admitting the agitate of chrism – topped with caramel amoroso – there’s still abandoned one-and-a-half lattes’ account of saturated fat, and aloof a smidgen added calories than a ample Starbucks cappuccino.

You additionally get added protein than a ample egg actuality – busting the allegory that all bathetic drinks are alone abandoned calories.

Taste test 

Doesn’t aftertaste as candied as I had accepted and the chrism melts quickly, authoritative it easier to alcohol the caramel-tinged coffee. Pleasant and comforting, but 12oz is added than enough.

Subway dent pie cookie: 49p  

Subway dent pie cookie: 49p

Cals (per cookie) 194

Sugar 19g

Total fat 7.4g

Sat fat 3.1g

Fibre 1.1g

Protein 2.1g

Salt 0.4g


These biscuit and absurd spiced accolade accommodate bristles teaspoons of amoroso anniversary (the recommended circadian allowance is declared to be seven) which is abundant college than best amber dent equivalents

You’d get the aforementioned bulk in a Cadbury’s Flake.

Despite the accession of apples and hazelnuts, there is abandoned a atomic bulk of bowel-friendly fibre. At beneath 200 calories, it’s about what the NHS acclaim for circadian chaw intake. But if you went for a Sainsbury’s Aftertaste The Aberration blithe angel crumble cookie, you’d get bisected the calories and a division of the sugar.

Taste test 

Weird. I would accept abundant rather eaten a accustomed amber dent cookie. It doesn’t aftertaste one bit like a dent pie and the spices are an odd mix with the sugary, gooeyness of a cookie. 


Pret Pigs in Blankets Chaw Pot: £2.89 

Pret Pigs in Blankets Chaw Pot: £2.89

Cals (per 90g pot) 251

Sugar 2.8g

Total fat 17.8g

Sat fat 6.8g

Fibre 1.8g

Protein 14.5g

Salt 2.7g

Health verdict 

As far as candy go, you could do a lot worse – a average bag of cashew basics would set you aback bifold the calories and a third added saturated fat.

The aerial admeasurement of pork meat – alloyed with spices and starch extracted from potatoes – provides two-and-a-half eggs’ account of addition from acceptable protein and a baby bulk of bowel-protecting fibre.

The NHS acclaim attached candy red meat, including some sausages and bacon, to 70g daily, due to bowel blight risks – and at 90g, this pot takes you over that level.

But this is calmly counterbalanced – aloof don’t eat red meat the afterward day.

Taste test 

Like Christmas in a pot. These pigs in blankets are candied and smokey with a access of flavour in every bite, abrogation you aghast aback there’s none left, yet satisfied. 


McDonald’s Bifold Big Mac: £2.89

McDonald’s Bifold Big Mac: £2.89

Cals (per burger) 694

Sugar 9.1g

Total fat 38g

Sat fat 15g

Fibre 3.6g

Protein 43g

Salt 2.8g


Thanks to a alternation of compound reformulations to accomplish McDonald’s burgers healthier, a Bifold Big Mac is now far from the affliction of our bunch.

The three bap slices, four patties, one allotment of candy cheddar, two smears of candied relish, lettuce, onions and pickles is abandoned 90-odd calories over the 600 calories that the NHS recommends for lunch, and beneath than in the average-sized avocado on toast.

And with one-and-a-half craven breasts’ account of muscle-building protein, it won’t leave you athirst later.

There are two snags: the two teaspoons of sugar, apparently from the relish, and the aerial saturated fat agreeable – bisected your circadian intake.

Taste test 

A blowzy business – I larboard a clutter of bill on the floor. Big Mac admirers will adulation it, though. 


Pret Vegan Christmas Nut Roast: £3.69  

Pret Vegan Christmas Nut Roast: £3.69

Cals 600

Sugar 15.4g

Total fat 30.3g

Sat fat 3.2g

Fibre 9.5g

Protein 13.7g

Salt 2.4g

Health verdict 

A no-meat adaptation of the archetypal Christmas lunch-sandwich: malted wholegrain abounding with broiled butternut squash, rocket and pesto, vegan mayonnaise, brittle onions and caramelised pecans.

The nut and berry content, forth with the squash, advice this bear about a third of the circadian recommended fibre – capital for digestive bloom and befitting you fuller for longer. Basics additionally accomplish it decidedly aerial in protein – as abundant as two above eggs – while actuality actual low in saturated fat.

Yes there are four teaspoons of amoroso but it is bang-on the recommended calorie calculation for a capital meal. Like abounding pre-made sandwiches, it’s salty, and vegan doesn’t beggarly slimming, but as continued as you’re acquainted of that it’s not an ailing option.

Taste test

Very sweet. An OK aberration from the accepted cheese and pickle, but not one that would anytime become a fixture.  


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