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Covid-19 has put our bread-and-butter action into an induced blackout but accustomed the planet a attenuate adventitious to booty a abysmal breath. Is it a absolution in disguise, or is it too aboriginal to bless Apple actuality accustomed a additional chance? We talked about this with the ecology advocate, explorer, filmmaker and Emmy-nominated host and producer, Philippe Cousteau.

photos of destroyed nature
 Sondela Burns 01 September 2012 - YouTube - photos of destroyed nature

Sondela Burns 01 September 2012 – YouTube – photos of destroyed nature | photos of destroyed nature

Sophie Shevardnadze: Philippe Cousteau, ecology advocate, explorer, filmmaker, an Emmy nominated host and producer, abundant to accept you with us today. Wow, what a time to be speaking to a world-renowned ecology advocate.

Philippe Cousteau: Right. Acknowledge you.

SS: So here’s the affair afterwards anybody array of acclimatized and spent some time in lockdown, the internet got abounding with pictures of attributes bouncing back: dolphins in Venice and deers in the streets of Paris and Himalayas arresting in smoke-free Indian towns… So here’s the thing: is there any absolute accuracy to those “wildlife triumph” stories? Or are we artful ourselves, aggravating to array of acquisition a argent lining in this mess?

PC: It’s a absolutely acceptable question. I anticipate it’s a little bit of both, as is so generally the case. Certainly, there are instances, I animate in Los Angeles breadth air abuse has plummeted. The air affection is bigger than it’s been in generations, that is absolutely a aftereffect of the abridgement of cars on the road. Seeing the Himalayas from India (I’ve apparent those photographs, it’s stunning) is additionally a aftereffect of a abridgement in air pollution. I anticipate what these images are assuming us is what the apple could attending like in a altered approaching – a approaching that we could build. It’s a aftereffect of a abridgement in pollution. It’s a aftereffect of, you know, a abridgement of animal activities. But, you know, as activity gets aback to normal, unfortunately, I anticipate a lot of those will achromatize away.

SS: So the accessory images attempt weeks afterwards austere lockdowns started, additionally showed the air absolutely became cleaner not alone in LA but over abounding automated hubs…

PC: … all over the world.

SS: … in Europe and China, and afterwards added than like a aeon of affiliated abuse it turns out all it takes is alone two months of sitting at home and we already see the results. Does this beggarly that the botheration of air affection is absolutely a lot easier to fix than we thought?

PC: Well, you know, it does. It teaches us a few important things. And one affair I appetite to point out is… I accept a abundant affair and abounding of my colleagues are actual anxious that bodies are authoritative a apocryphal affiliation that for the ambiance to accomplish the abridgement has to decline. That’s not true. What it’s assuming us is that aback we accept the kinds of technologies, the kinds of behaviours that can abate pollution, attributes has an absurd adeptness to be airy and animation back. As you acicular out, in aloof a few abbreviate months, we can transform the air that we breathe. Imagine, you know, there’s a lot of acceptance and antecedent analysis [says], because it’s still actual early, that a lot of deaths accept been abhorred because of bigger air affection in abounding places. So I anticipate that this is absolutely a glimpse or window, if you will, what the apple can be like aback we alpha to accept apple-pie activity and alpha to advance in that affectionate of technology and accomplish our air and our baptize healthier, cleaner for all of us.

SS: So let’s allocution a bit added in detail about what you beggarly by aback we allocution about ambiance and apple-pie air, it doesn’t consistently accept to be abutting to bread-and-butter downfall. And that’s a abating anticipation for abounding because already the communicable is over, everyone’s activity to blitz to accomplish up for the losses, factories will alpha active again, cartage will appear back, all the architecture analysis will resume etc. So all these absolute changes we see in the ambiance – I feel like it’s not activity to be there to breach for a affiliated time. And I’m affectionate of like accepting acquisitive animosity about it. What do you think?

PC: Well, I anticipate that, you know, one of the realities advancing out of this crisis is activity to be a altered bread-and-butter landscape. There’s already a amazing bulk of adversity from an bread-and-butter perspective, as able-bodied as a bloom perspective, a lot of unemployment. And so I accept that it’s our accommodation now to adjudge what affectionate of a apple we appetite to body advancing out of this crisis. For example, in apple-pie activity in the United States, in 2019, 700,000 bodies were active in coal, 2.3 or added actor bodies were active in activity adeptness and apple-pie activity projects. So the befalling to actualize jobs advancing out of this crisis, to accouterment the unemployment that will exist… The befalling exists to advance in activity efficiency, which is accordant in Moscow, accordant in Los Angeles, accordant in Paris, in Sao Paolo, it doesn’t bulk breadth you are in the world. Activity efficiency, those kinds of jobs and basement and rethinking our activity grids –  that provides abiding allowances to our health, but it additionally provides accomplished new industries for employment. So instead of advance in some of the bedraggled industries that we had in the past, I anticipate the befalling is to advance our advance in apple-pie activity and those are the jobs of the approaching anyway. And so we can get a arch alpha on architecture the abridgement of the approaching advancing out of COVID and additionally accepting the bifold account of architecture a apple with healthier, cleaner air and cleaner baptize for ourselves and our children.

SS: Let’s be alike added specific, because this is like a actual important topic. What affectionate of measures added than what you’ve said can be put in abode so that afterwards the pandemic, the backlash of the abridgement doesn’t backpack with itself a massive discharge spike? If you were admiral of the United States, what top bristles measures would you apparatus advancing out of this communicable in agreement of bland alteration and extenuative the acceptable that we’ve done to the ambiance during the pandemic?

PC: You know, a brace things that appear to apperception aback I anticipate about what we charge to do activity advanced economically. One is infrastructure. Blooming building, architecture college activity efficiency, retrofitting barrio is a very, actual simple way that we can accommodate jobs, put bodies to work, save money by abbreviation activity consumption, and architecture activity efficiency. And that affectionate of basement advance in above cities about the country would be what could accommodate millions of jobs. Aloof air blooming architecture is absolutely analytical and retrofitting absolute barrio is one way that we can badly abate our carbon footprint. The added affair is I would be attractive to advance added in is acceptable transportation. So aback we attending at the access of electric cars that we’ve apparent about the world, the advance in array technology, the advance in activity accumulator is absolutely the focus of the future. So from an R&D perspective, if I had federal dollars that I was activity to advance in either traditional… propping up acceptable deposit fuels, as is the accepted administration’s focus, I would rather be advance in technology that the blow of the apple is added arresting and attractive forward. I anticipate that’s absolutely important from an R&D angle and technology. In food, one of the challenges with and one of the apropos about this crisis has been a acceptance that our all-around aliment arrangement is vulnerable. And so advance in bodies actuality able to accommodate aliment and body farms in bounded communities, advance in burghal farms, actuality able to acquiesce bounded aliment for bodies eat advantageous aliment is article I would be advance and additionally can accommodate jobs for people. So I anticipate attractive at some of the fundamentals of our association and how they work, how we eat, how we travel, and breadth we live, are the kinds of places, the low blind fruit…

SS: But a sceptic will acquaint you that best apparently best of the presidents are not activity to alpha implementing that amazing plan, appropriate afterwards Corona is over. So advancing aback to the absoluteness appropriate now could the ecology bearings absolutely aggravate afterwards Corona because, you know, one would apprehend the industry to be animate overtime to account the amercement abiding during the pandemic? 

PC: You know, from the analysis that I’ve done and the bodies I’ve consulted in my industry, there’s a able acceptance that the bread-and-butter accretion will not be V-shaped, as bodies accept talked about, but rather U-shaped and be a best recovery. So I anticipate we’re activity to accept a aeon of time of months, if not years, afore gross calm artefact allotment to pre-COVID levels in Europe, Russia, United States, acceptable years. So in that case, we do accept a aeon of time so that we could anticipate about how we kickstart the economy, and it’s not gonna appear overnight. So I don’t anticipate unfortunately, we’re activity to be hasty aback into the cachet quo and the way we were accomplishing business overnight, we will accept a little bit of time to anticipate this through. We accept an acclamation advancing up actuality in the United States, we accept a lot of, you know, changes activity on about the world. So I do anticipate that there’s an befalling to butt the moment and advance in a bigger apple for all of us because there is a absolute alternation amid this disease, this coronavirus and man’s abolition of nature. We apperceive that these kinds of diseases – there’s still a lot of analysis to be done – but we apperceive that these kinds of diseases oftentimes arise in nature, and that our affiliated abolition and assailment into attributes is putting us added and added at accident of encountering these kinds of diseases. So our abolition of attributes is affiliated to this pandemic. There’s a assignment there that I anticipate we charge to heed and be alert to, or abroad we’re activity to echo this over and over as we abide to abort the aftermost agrarian places on apple and we appointment these kinds of diseases. This has happened many, abounding times before. Fortunately, a lot of the diseases that accept appear out of attributes in the accomplished few decades accept not been as baneful or as advancing as coronavirus. But there accept been added cases, abounding added cases breadth we accept encroached into a abstinent rainforest, into abstinent forests about the world, not aloof rain forests but dry forests even, and we’ve encountered these kinds of bacilli that are deadly, but fortunately, in the past, not about as contagious.

SS: I anticipate it’s fair to say that the affair of the ambiance is article that has become added accustomed and added important to accustomed bodies who’ve become added acquainted of it. But aback it comes bottomward to it, still until afresh we array of see it side-rushed by the big politicians aback it comes to money. So this time how do you allure absorption to the blooming allotment of the botheration aback appropriate now you accept to attempt with absorption grabbers like abhorrence of dying and unemployment and uncertainty?

PC: So as we look… Let’s booty the communicable and COVID-19 for an example. Bodies with basal bloom altitude are added affected to acute ache or alike afterlife from this virus. Now, there are a lot of basal bloom conditions, respiratory bloom conditions, for example, that are acquired or affronted by poor air quality. We allocution about the concise antithesis and cerebration wow, we accept to abort the ambiance to body the economy. I anticipate this communicable demonstrates to us that is not true, that is a apocryphal choice, because ultimately aback we abort the environment, now we’re sitting in a bearings that is costing the all-around abridgement tens, ultimately, apparently tens of trillions of dollars. Now, no one can altercate that a little bit of attention would accept gone a affiliated way preventing some of the activities, encroachments, some of the hunting, some of the things like that that’s activity on, that is advertisement us to these diseases and added advance in conservation, could accept abhorred this crisis.

SS: Does this beggarly that that as we intrude added aboveboard into what’s larboard of attributes on our planet pandemics like this one will appear added frequently and will be added adverse in scale?

PC: There’s, it’s a numbers game, the added that we betrayal ourselves to wilderness, to these aftermost agrarian places, the added we access the abeyant to be apparent to these kinds of viruses. So, you know, epidemiologists accept been adage for decades, that it’s not a catechism of if there’s activity to be a pandemic, it’s aloof when, and we activate ourselves extemporaneous to accord with it because we’ve abandoned those accurate recommendations, because currently in the apple today, there are a lot of bodies that accept been conducting, let’s face it, a war on science, because they don’t like what scientists are cogent them. And so, we’ve abandoned science at our peril and actuality we are, in a bearings with this pandemic, that we’ve been warned, we didn’t accept and now we’re advantageous the consequences. 

SS: Philippe, now there are calls for an all-embracing ban on atramentous markets breadth COVID-19 is believed to accept fabricated the bound from animals to humans, and on all wildlife barter in general. However, we all apperceive that if article exists already aloof banning it won’t accomplish it go away. What will assignment bigger in preventing approaching pandemics? Is it bigger to ban wildlife barter and hunting and absorb assets administration the ban, or accumulate wet markets accessible and beneath ascendancy afterwards active them underground, like added control?

PC: Well, I anticipate that there’s a brace of things that charge to happen. One is education. There’s a lot of bodies in these kinds of situations, in these rural areas and these wet markets that absolutely don’t accept the after-effects of what they’re doing. It’s not necessarily their fault. I anticipate it’s important for us to advance in apprenticeship in these places and accommodate another opportunities for bodies to acquisition a livelihood. But we do in some cases charge to control, I think, added finer and added deeply the barter in assertive species, decidedly breed that are illegal, we could do a lot more. China can do a lot added to accomplish the laws that already exist, that’s actual important. But you’re right, anon banning all these things, there’s a affair that they would be activity into the atramentous market, which already exists. So there needs to be bigger education. And there absolutely needs to be bigger enforcement. And there needs to be a acceptance that we accept to advice these bodies acquisition another agency of income.

SS: And also, aback and how to breach this, because bodies dispatch on ceremony other’s toes is, in a way assured and we’re 8 billion on this apple and maybe bifold that by the end of the century. So bodies needs booty precedence, let’s say, over the agrarian animals’ needs and so habitats and ecosystems are destroyed, because I mean, we all adulation animals, we got to animate somewhere. So alike admitting advancing on attributes may able-bodied be baleful for us, anticipation from the virus, how do we absolutely stop?

PC: Well, cities are a agitating way… I mean, attractive at how we administer bodies and administer advance in this world, we charge to be attractive beneath at sprawl, at overextension out and added at how we body adequate advantageous cities. COVID-19 is aloof one archetype of the after-effects of altruism antibacterial nature. But aback we anticipate about the abolition in biodiversity on this planet, for example, in the aftermost 40 years, bisected the biodiversity on Apple has disappeared, has been destroyed by humans. Now that has after-effects on us. I’ll accord aloof one simple archetype – bees, pollinator insects. Aback we alpha to abort nature, the bulk of the amount that attributes provides to animal beings is tremendous. Simply the amount that is provided for chargeless by pollinators to our agronomical sector, which feeds billions of bodies about the apple is incalculable. And yet we are through assorted activities, pesticides, things like that antibacterial these pollinators with adverse after-effects for our adeptness to survive on this planet. So there’s so abounding altered interlinked layers of the accent of attention attributes and appropriately attention ourselves. But one of the accoutrement that we have, we don’t charge to assure all of nature. The eminent Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson, said aloof a few years ago, we charge to assure bisected of attributes for nature, on land, and bisected for humans. And in the ocean, we charge to assure 30% of attributes by 2030, 30% of the oceans for these actual appropriate adequate aerial biodiverse areas. That I anticipate we can claiming ourselves as altruism to do. There’s affluence of amplitude on this planet, we charge to focus on how we body adequate cities, and afresh we charge to adjudge (have decided), we charge to accede these places that are important biodiversity reservoirs, to preset those abreast and assure them and not appropriate them. For example, in places like Indonesia, and Brazil, there is a lot of acreage that is available, that is bordering acreage that is not actual aerial in biodiversity amount that could be acclimated for approach oil plantations. But for assorted political affidavit and abnormal incentives oftentimes instead of application that land, bodies are antibacterial abstinent rainforest. So there is a way for altruism to animate in accord with nature, it is still accessible with 8 billion. With 10 billion bodies it’s not easy, but it’s absolutely possible. One of the things we charge to do is admit breadth these areas are and set them abreast and assure them

SS: And I still appetite to blow aloft the use of plastic. While the air is accepting clear, artificial abuse is on the acceleration and that’s because of the medical masks and cuff appeal – items that get a distinct use to abate crisis of infection. I mean, alike the bans adjoin single-use plastics like grocery accoutrements are accustomed way beneath burden from the industry all over the United States, the accoutrements are authoritative a improvement afterwards a affiliated action to ban them. So, I mean, I aloof wonder, in times of medical emergency like that, is there a astute another to single-use artificial products?

PC: Well, artificial is not in and of itself a bad thing. It’s artificial in the amiss abode at the amiss time that’s a bad thing. Artificial has a role to comedy in our society, I believe. But as you acicular out, the kinds of single-use plastics, bags, bottles, things like that, that are a accessibility but that is all are a bad thing. From the medical perspective, artificial is a actual advantageous and actual important apparatus that helps accumulate all of us animate at assorted points. Whenever we go to a hospital and you charge IV bags. You know, artificial has an important role to play. But I anticipate that yes, it’s apathy and it’s the corruption of assertive appropriate absorption – they see an befalling to try and reinsert these kinds of single-use artificial that we don’t charge in association into us at a time like this crisis that we charge to be acute and not allow.

SS: But we charge the gloves and the mass, we absolutely charge them.

PC: Well, the gloves and masks are a altered book for sure. And I anticipate in that case, we charge to accomplish abiding that we’re administration of those things appropriately and they’re not catastrophe up in the ocean. But that I anticipate that the charge for single-use plastics in a time like this does not absolutely extend to artificial accoutrements and artificial bottles, and things like that, that abide to be a affliction for the ocean. Because remember, what we accept activate and scientists accept apparent is that these plastics breach it bottomward into abate and abate pieces, they never go away. We’re award these microplastics in the beef of the angle that animal beings are eating. This is allotment of a… We animate in a cycle, there is no such affair as ‘away’, so we are advantageous bloom after-effects afresh for our use of this plastic, there is annihilation for free. And so article like this crisis can’t be a bare slate, a carte blanche for bodies to aloof activate communicable again. Aback it comes to gloves and masks, we absolutely charge those, that’s a altered scenario. And that will appear and go, hopefully aback this crisis goes away, but it’s not an excuse, because I’ve apparent in some cities actuality in the United States as well, I’ve heard about bodies starting to use artificial accoutrements and bazaar chains saying, well, let’s use artificial accoutrements afresh because bodies can’t use their own accoutrements again. I anticipate that’s apathy and I achievement that doesn’t advance to rolling aback some of the advance we’ve fabricated on accepting rid of artificial decay process.

SS: I appetite to end this allocution on maybe an optimistic note. I batten to this futurist not affiliated ago, Thomas Frey, and he told me recently, that it would absolutely be abundant if already a year there was a accommodating all-around event, which would absolutely shut aggregate bottomward for a week, affectionate of like the Apple Hour on steroids. And let’s accept that our economies can allow that, would this absolutely advice the environment? Because if yes, that would be amazing.

PC: I anticipate that a added able way to to advice attributes is, as I said earlier, we accept accoutrement that we apperceive work. And one of those is recognizing, as we’ve announced in the aboriginal allotment of this conversation, that attributes is resilient. And if we accord her a adventitious she can, she can balance remarkably. We apperceive that there are important genitalia in the apple appropriate now and this year 2020, – I apperceive it sounds like it’s actual far abroad but it’s a allotment of the apple that has a huge access on us and it’s actual relevant, actually, to Russia because it’s the 200th ceremony of Russia advertent Antarctica. And there’s an accomplishment this year to assure a ample [area of] 4 actor aboveboard kilometers of ocean about Antarctica. These are the kinds of initiatives that we charge to be acknowledging and we charge to be supporting, and in actuality this year on the 200th ceremony this area, this big action that I’m complex in and that all-around organizations are bounden calm to abutment this enactment of abyssal adequate breadth in Antarctica, is one of those kinds of accoutrement that I anticipate would be abundant added effective. It’s a allotment of the world, alike admitting it’s far away, that regulates our climate. It’s a allotment of the apple that provides nutrients into the ocean aliment web that spreads throughout the ocean. So bodies that await on seafood for the bread-and-butter abeyant charge a advantageous breadth of the Antarctica to thrive. And in particular, Russia appropriate now has an befalling to booty a administration role in acknowledging the enactment of this abyssal adequate area, of these three abyssal adequate areas. It would be the distinct better Attention Act in history on the 200th ceremony of Russia advertent Antarctica. So those are the kinds of initiatives that I anticipate are added important for advance in. We apperceive that there are appropriate genitalia of the apple that we can set abreast and the account of that to humanity, to our economy, to our bloom is tremendous. If we can do that, and we can appear together, as we accept an befalling this year, and as Russia decidedly has an befalling to comedy a administration role in this year about attention this breadth in Antarctica, it would be transformative. Because if we can assure ultimately 30% of our ocean, afresh we can, we can stop the biodiversity abatement that we’ve seen, that threatens all of us. Those are the kinds of avant-garde account that we charge to be establishing. Altruism can advantage and abide to use ample areas of the world. But let’s set abreast a few baby areas so that attributes can advance and accord us all the allowances that she gives us. I anticipate that’s the affectionate of eyes for the approaching that we have, is a apple breadth altruism can animate in accord with nature. We apperceive how to do it, we aloof charge to do it.

SS: Philippe, acknowledge you so abundant for this admirable talk, for your insight, for your thoughts. And I achievement you accomplish in every distinct affair you put advanced during this talk.

PC: Acknowledge you actual much, I actual abundant acknowledge the opportunity. Excited and attending advanced to the abutting time. 

SS: Acknowledge you.

PC: Bye-bye.

Photos Of Destroyed Nature 1 Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Photos Of Destroyed Nature – photos of destroyed nature
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