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Google Pixel 4a Atramentous 128GB

The Google Pixel 4a gives you the best of Google in an affordable, one-hand-friendly package.

There’s glossy Google Abettor integration, a apple-pie Android interface with three years of affirmed updates, and a actively absorbing photography acquaintance because the Pixel 4a has aloof one rear camera.

However, cull out the blueprint breadth and analyze it to analogously priced rivals and the Google Pixel 4a doesn’t assume like such a abundant deal, with beneath power, beneath RAM, beneath cameras, a abate awning and no 5G connectivity – although a Pixel 4a 5G alternative will access afterwards in 2020, alongside the Google Pixel 5 (which will additionally be 5G enabled).

Battery activity is mediocre, with the buzz aloof about abiding a day on a distinct allegation – and if you absolutely advance it you’ll be extensive for a charger appear backward afternoon.

The architecture will be divisive. On the one duke it’s a cutesy, ample polycarbonate handset that sits calmly in the palm, and its failing anatomy makes it accessible to authority and use. There’s a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, there’s about no awning bezel, and there’s alike a headphone jack.

On the added hand, it feels a little cheap, and it lacks the exceptional appearance of added handsets in its bulk bracket.

If you’re cerebration about accepting the Google Pixel 4a you’ll allegation to anxiously accede what’s important to you aback it comes to a new smartphone. If you’re attractive for best blast for your buck, and appearance galore, the Pixel 4a is absurd to bend your appetite.

That said, its bunched size, apple-pie interface and abundant point-and-shoot camera will address to those attractive for an affordable, analytic sized handset with abundant balance for amusing media, web browsing and emails, added the adeptness to abduction some accomplished pictures.

Check out our appropriate Google Pixel 4a unboxing video below

The Google Pixel 4a bulk is $349 / £349 / AU$599. There are no agreement options, there’s no, beyond Pixel 4a XL, and there’s alone one color: Aloof Black. If you appetite the Pixel 4a, you’ll accept to cede best for that low bulk tag.

That’s a aggressive bulk point, and one that’s $50 / £50 / AU$50 cheaper than the barrage bulk of its predecessor, the Google Pixel 3a. You additionally get added RAM (6GB vs 4GB) and added accumulator (128GB vs 64GB) with the Pixel 4a, so Google is giving you a appropriate bulk of bang-for-your-buck, at atomic aural its own ecosystem.

Google Pixel 4a specs

Weight: 143gDimensions: 144 x 69.4 x 8.2 mmDisplay size: 5.81-inchResolution: FullHD (1080 x 2340)Pixel density: 443ppiChipset: Snapdragon 730GRAM: 6GBStorage: 128GBRear camera: 12.2MPFront camera: 8MPBattery: 3,140mAh 

It’s additionally calmly cheaper than its flagship namesakes, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Trouble is, the Google Pixel 4a is arena in a highly-competitive boilerplate market, and is up adjoin some handsets with far added absorbing blueprint bedding – the brand of the OnePlus Nord, Realme X50 5G, Moto G 5G Added and Mi Agenda 10 Lite can amaze consumers with their assorted cameras, beyond screens and 5G connectivity.

While the handset itself won’t alter amid regions, aback you can absolutely get your calmly on it will depend on breadth you are. The Google Pixel 4a absolution date for the US is August 20, but the blow of the apple will accept a best wait.

The Pixel 4a absolution date in Australia is September 10, while the Pixel 4a absolution date in the UK is all the way off on October 1 (with pre-orders starting actuality on September 10) – two months afterwards the phone’s launch.

Explaining the acumen for the staggered absolution date, a Google agent told TechRadar that “our accumulation alternation was impacted by Covid-19 and we had to acclimatize our barrage affairs appropriately to ensure the assurance of our employees, ally and customers.”

When the Google Pixel 4a does go on auction in your region, it will be accessible online via Google’s Store (and via Vodafone in the UK), with added bounded retail ally yet to be announced.

Cute. That’s the one-word acknowledgment to ‘describe the Google Pixel 4a design’.

It’s one of the added bunched Android smartphones you can get authority of these days, barometer 144 x 69.4 x 8.2mm, which makes it abate than the Pixel 3a while boasting a bigger screen.

The aftereffect is a handset which is acutely accessible to handle, and one-handed use is about effortless. Those with abate calmly could still acquisition it a bit of a amplitude to ability the top of the display, but it sits calmly in the palm.

It’s ablaze too, angled the scales at aloof 143g, which makes it lighter than the Pixel 3a and the new iPhone SE (which is absolutely abate than the Pixel 4a).

That’s due to the Pixel 4a’s polycarbonate unibody – and while it helps the handset afford some weight, this does additionally beggarly that it doesn’t attending or feel decidedly premium.

You may not see that as an issue, abnormally because the affordable price, but for the aforementioned bulk you can get authority of metal- and glass-covered handsets that attending and feel abundant added premium. The added ancillary actuality is that there’s beneath bottle to potentially smash, and the polycarbonate accomplishment feels solid and hard-wearing.

You’ll acquisition the mint-green absolute power/lock key anchored calmly beneath deride or feel on the appropriate of the handset, with a atramentous aggregate rocker aloof below, while the SIM tray is on the adverse ancillary – this can alone authority a distinct SIM, but the Google Pixel 4a additionally comes with a congenital eSIM card.

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a agenda adaptation of the SIM agenda that you use to affix your buzz to a arrangement provider. The dent can be reprogrammed to clothing whatever carrier you appetite to use; about not all carriers abutment eSIM, so you’ll allegation to analysis with your provider whether you’ll be able to use this action in the Pixel 4a.

It’s additionally annual acquainted that eSIM functionality is alone enabled for a baddest cardinal of countries: the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Taiwan and Japan.

On the basal of the Pixel 4a you’ll acquisition a USB-C 3.1 anchorage in the center, belted by microphone and apostle grilles. The down-firing apostle works with a added apostle aloof aloft the affectation to accommodate you with stereo sound.

android wallpaper editor
 Wallpapers Photo Editor 1.0

Wallpapers Photo Editor 1.0 | android wallpaper editor

A affection the Google Pixel 4a has agitated over from its antecedent – and article the flagship 4 alternation doesn’t accept – is a 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s amid on the top bend of the handset, acceptance you to bung in your alive headphones. 

You don’t get a brace of earbuds in the box (unless you’re in France or Australia, breadth you do), but if you accept a set of advantaged cans you can use them with the Pixel 4a afterwards accepting to dig out an adapter – and with no adapter application the USB-C anchorage you can allegation the handset at the aforementioned time as application alive headphones.

Another affection adopted from the Pixel 3a is the rear fingerprint scanner. Google alone fingerprint scanning for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in favor of facial recognition, but we’re admiring to see the digit-based sensor acknowledgment on the Pixel 4a.

It avalanche calmly beneath the forefinger, and acceptance is fast – we didn’t acquaintance any errors during our analysis period.

The alone accessory atom with rear-mounted fingerprint sensors is they can’t be acclimated aback the buzz is placed on a board or ancillary table, which agency you’ll accept to either tap in your passcode or pattern, or aces the Pixel 4a up to ability the sensor. There’s additionally no face alleviate support.

Overall, the Pixel 4a has a minimalist design, with the centrally amid fingerprint scanner and aboveboard camera block in the top-left bend the alone credibility of agenda on the rear. 

Considering the buzz has aloof one rear-facing camera, the admeasurement of the camera block seems a little excessive, but it’s apparently a architecture accommodation from Google as it looks to actor the aboveboard blast on the rear of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

On the added side, the blast isn’t aloft all that abundant from the rear of the phone, which agency you can abode it on a apparent and tap abroad at the awning with basal wobble.

While the bunched anatomy agency of the Pixel 4a will address to many, in 2019 we additionally got the beyond Pixel 3a XL, which offered abundant of the aforementioned specs as its abate sibling, but with a beyond 6-inch affectation (vs 5.6-inch) and beyond battery. 

So why is there no Google Pixel 4a XL? A Google agent told TechRadar that “without bezels on the display, we’re now able to fit added affectation in a bunched anatomy factor. We anticipate 5.8-inch is the absolute admeasurement for our Pixel 4a customer. 

“The awning admeasurement added 4.5% while the all-embracing accessory admeasurement decreased 5.8% [versus the Pixel 3a], with a added able automated design.”

Whether 5.8 inches is abundant absolute acreage for your smartphone pursuits will be a accommodation you’ll accept to make, but if you’re attractive to comedy accelerated games, or attending at circuitous applications, you may appetite to accede a accessory with a beyond screen.

Talking of the Google Pixel 4a display, let’s booty a afterpiece attending at it. As we’ve already established, it’s beyond (by 0.2 inches) than the Pixel 3a’s screen, but Google has taken things a footfall added with the Pixel 4a, and done abroad with the bezels about entirely.

This is the aboriginal Pixel smartphone to appear with an all-screen, bezel-less display, with the awning abounding about the punch-hole that houses the front-facing camera in the top-left.

While Google says it has removed the bezels on the Pixel 4a, if you attending anxiously there’s still a sliver at the abject of the affectation and the binding about the blow of the affectation is thicker than we’ve apparent on some rivals.

Still, it provides for an aesthetically adorable finish, and while the selfie camera does sit in the notification bar, it doesn’t absolutely abate the cardinal of icons that can be displayed, which is nice.

Google alike includes some custom wallpapers which booty into annual the camera actualization aural the affectation itself – aloof long-press on the home awning and tap “style & wallpapers” to analysis them out in the ‘For Fun’ folder.

We’ve apparent agnate wallpapers on added handsets, such as the Galaxy S10 series, and we’d apprehend to see a agglomeration of fan-made options to hit the web in the advancing months.

The awning is adequate by Gorilla Bottle 3, which should assure it adjoin baby scruffs and scratches, but it’s not the best avant-garde adaptation of the apathetic bottle from Corning – the OnePlus Nord, for example, uses the fifth-generation bottle on both its advanced and rear, while the Sony Xperia 1 II appearance the latest, sixth-generation glass.

Using the earlier bottle is a ablaze cost-saving admeasurement by Google, but as continued as you’re analytic accurate with the buzz it shouldn’t be an issue.

The 5.81-inch awning is an OLED console with a Abounding HD , 1080 x 2340 resolution equating to a pixel anatomy of 443ppi, and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

The awning provides bright, ablaze and ablaze visuals, and acknowledgment to the handset’s diminutive admeasurement it’s anniversary to ability appealing abundant all corners of the display.

Watching the HDR-enabled Space Force on Netflix was a adorable experience, with accomplished detail and blush reproduction; about – and yes, we are activity to say it – accepting abashed from the OnePlus Nord to the Google Pixel 4a, the awning did feel a little small.

The Google Pixel 4a additionally appearance an always-on display, which will assuredly affectation the time, date, arrangement level, acclimate and added advice depending on the situation; for example, if you accept alarms set it’ll appearance your abutting alarm, and if you’re alert to music on the Pixel 4a it’ll appearance you the clue name and artist.

It will additionally affectation notification icons, alerting you to new letters and information, and acceptance you to adjudge whether or not you allegation to ability for your phone.

The Google Pixel 4a is in the boyhood aback it comes to cameras, accepting aloof two: one on the aback and one on the front. 

There aren’t too abounding added phones with so few cameras, abnormally in the awash mid-tier, breadth manufacturers tend to besprinkle cameras about like armament in adjustment to try and accomplish their handsets angle out, although the new iPhone SE is another.

On the aback you get a 12.2MP camera with a f/1.7 breach and an 84-degree acreage of view. It can shoot 4K video at 30fps, 1080p at 30fps, 60fps and 120fps, and 720p at 30fps, 60fps and a super-slow 240fps.

While it may not attending like abundant on paper, abnormally aback compared to the three- and four-camera setups on the aback of abounding of the Google Pixel 4a’s rivals, this capital camera can still authority its own.

The Pixel 4a makes photography accessible – aloof point and shoot, and best of the time the camera, accumulated with Google’s able software processing, agency you’ll get a abundant photo in abounding scenarios.

There are a scattering of modes to accept from if you appetite article hardly different, including panorama and portrait, the closing of which produces a accomplishments becloud aftereffect application absolutely AI, as there’s no abyss sensor on the Pixel 4a.

The after-effects from both are good, and account approach is abnormally absorbing accustomed the almost simple accouterments on offer.

If you attending carefully, you can see some of the bond in panoramas, abnormally if you don’t accept the steadiest duke aback shooting, and the accomplishments becloud sometimes isn’t as absolute about your subject, depending on how circuitous the appearance is.

That said, for a handset with such an affordable bulk tag, the photography accomplishment is still impressive.

Forgot to about-face to account mode? You can administer a bokeh aftereffect to photographs you’ve already taken – alike ones from years ago taken with a altered accessory – by branch to the Photos app, borer adapt and again application the becloud slider to actualize the effect.

We approved it with a brace of snaps we’d taken while reviewing the OnePlus Nord a brace of weeks previously, and the Pixel 4a was able to administer the accomplishments becloud to the images afterwards too abundant trouble. 

If you’re cutting a arena which has ever aphotic or ablaze areas, you can tap on a ambiguous breadth of the angel to accompany up the bifold acknowledgment controls and acclimatize the accurateness of aloof that allotment of the frame, as allotment of the Pixel 4a’s Alive HDR added feature. This gives you a alive preview, for a bigger abstraction of how the final attempt will look. 

It allows you to booty added counterbalanced shots, and is abnormally advantageous if your accountable is backlit – a bearings breadth they can calmly be casting into shadow.

You’ll additionally be prompted to about-face modes if the buzz detects low ablaze levels, with the camera app suggesting that you try Night Sight instead of the accepted camera option. 

Night Sight is one of the best night modes we’ve acclimated on a smartphone, and while the accouterments and processing adeptness on the Pixel 4a aren’t up to the levels of the phone’s flagship siblings, it still does an absorbing job afterwards the sun sets.

There’s a affecting aberration amid the accepted camera approach and Night Sight, with photos decidedly brightened, but usually in a way which doesn’t attending too artificial. You’ll allegation to authority the Pixel 4a still for a few abnormal as Night Sight captures the arena at altered acknowledgment levels admitting – we’d acclaim comatose it adjoin something, or application a tripod, for the best accessible results.

It works abundant bigger outdoors, and as continued as there’s some arrangement of ablaze antecedent (it absolutely doesn’t allegation to be much) you can get ablaze shots, although the detail can be a little muddy. Night Sight can additionally be acclimated indoors, but images tend to attending grainier.

Night Sight has an added approach congenital into it: astrophotography, which debuted on the Pixel 4, and there are several belief you’ll allegation to accommodated in adjustment for this to work.

First you’ll allegation to be alfresco at night, and it needs to be aphotic – and we beggarly absolutely dark. In our residential area, it wasn’t aphotic abundant due to ablaze abuse (even at 11pm) for the astrophotography approach to be triggered.

Second, you’ll allegation to acquisition about to blow the Pixel 4a as it credibility at the stars, and if you’re planning on application the Night Sight, and decidedly astrophotography, modes frequently we’d acclaim advance in a baby tripod – you won’t be able to use the astrophotography approach hand-held, as the buzz needs to be stable, with aught duke shake.

And third, you’ll allegation some patience. Once you’ve begin your appropriately aphotic location, and accept the Pixel 4a set up rock-steady and pointing at the sky, afterwards a few abnormal the awning will apprehend ‘astrophotography on’. Hit the blast button, and the handset will advance to abduction your attempt – this can booty amid one and bristles minutes, so don’t move the buzz too early.

We were clumsy to acquisition a appropriately aphotic area during our antecedent analysis time with the Pixel 4a, but we’re planning a rural escape in the advancing days, and we’ll amend this analysis with our astro-mode results.

With aloof a distinct rear camera, the Pixel 4a doesn’t action an optical or amalgam zoom, relying alone on its imaging accurateness to accord you up to a 7x agenda zoom – although while it may be absolutely digital, at 2x you’d be adamantine pushed to tell, unless you advised the snaps in detail.

The abasement in affection is a little added apparent at 7x, but if you accept a abiding duke and there’s good, accustomed alfresco ablaze the Pixel 4a is able of demography some adorable zoomed-in shots.

Having aloof the distinct camera additionally agency there’s no wide-angle option, and nor is there a committed macro camera. There’s not abundant you can do to get about the abridgement of a wide-angle camera, added than booty a few added accomplish aback if your ambience allow, or conceivably about-face to panorama mode. 

While the closing allows you to abduction across-the-board vistas, or a socially distanced accumulation of friends, it’s not as adequate as a committed wide-angle camera. For abounding users, this won’t be an issue, but if you’re attractive for best photography adaptability there are added handsets in the Pixel 4a’s bulk ambit that can action this.

Similarly, the abridgement of a macro camera is absurd to be an affair for abounding users, and the Pixel 4a camera does an accept job of close-up photography, acceptance you to get analytic abreast to capacity and abduction a adequate akin of detail.

There’s additionally aloof a distinct camera on the advanced of the Google Pixel 4a – it’s an 8MP, f/2.0 snapper with an 84-degree acreage of view, and it can shoot 1080p video at 30fps.

There’s the binding account mode, which can administer accomplishments becloud for affected self-portraits, and Night Sight is additionally accessible on the advanced camera – we begin this formed able-bodied aback we were aggravating to breeze a selfie in lighting that was beneath than ideal, as continued as it wasn’t absolutely dark.

Overall, the front-facing camera on the Google Pixel 4a is a solid snapper, and produces selfies with adequate blush and detail.

The Google Pixel 4a comes with a 3,140mAh non-removable battery, which is beyond than the adeptness backpack in its predecessor, and abundant beyond than the 1,812mAh arrangement in the new iPhone SE.

Google claims you’ll get up to 24 hours of arrangement activity from a distinct allegation acknowledgment to the firm’s Adaptive Arrangement technology, although we didn’t absolutely administer to accomplish that.

We did acquisition that the Pixel 4a tended to accomplish it through a abounding day (from 7am to 11pm) with boilerplate use, although we’d consistently about-face in for the night with the arrangement akin in the low adolescence and sometimes alike distinct digits.

This was with the always-on affectation activated, and switching it off did aftereffect in hardly bigger arrangement life, although we were still catastrophe the day beneath 20%. In short, the Pixel 4a is a smartphone you’ll allegation to be charging anniversary night.

And the arrangement does booty a bit of a assault aback it comes to gaming or video playback. Three hours of gaming added three hours of music alive over Spotify via Bluetooth headphones helped bankrupt the Pixel 4a’s arrangement to a akin breadth we bare to ability for the charger by aboriginal evening.

Something we did acquisition actual advantageous was seeing the estimated time aback the arrangement will run out in the notification bar. It’s not apparent assuredly – you’re apparent the arrangement figure and a percentage-remaining abutting to it – but cull bottomward the notification adumbration and the allotment is replaced by the estimated time aback the Pixel 4a will run out of juice.

It’s a far added advantageous metric, and gives you a bigger abstraction of whether you’ll allegation to bung the handset in for a quick charge, or whether that actual 20% will see you through the blow of the day.

There’s no wireless charging abutment actuality – not a huge abruptness accustomed the mid-range bulk – but you do get an 18W charging block included in the box with the Pixel 4a, accouterment the handset with fast charging capabilities.

In our tests, a 15 minute fast allegation saw the Google Pixel 4a compensate about 20% of battery, while 30 account of top-up saw about 35% alternate to the tank. It’s reasonable, but not as fast as we’ve apparent from added handsets.

The Google Pixel 4a comes with abundant adeptness to ensure you can do aggregate you appetite on the phone. You get a Snapdragon 730 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of accumulator (of which about 108GB is absolutely accessible to you).

These specs are added than adequate at the Pixel 4a’s price, but an affair arises if you alpha to attending around, because in agreement of the blueprint breadth the Google Pixel 4a is out-gunned by rivals in a cardinal of ways.

There are affluence of analogously priced handsets alms newer chipsets, added RAM, and a arrangement of accumulator options – not to acknowledgment a accomplished arrangement of cameras. Google isn’t actuality fatigued into the specs accoutrements race, and that may accomplish it harder for the Pixel 4a to angle out.

It can handle any app or bold that you run, but you may acquisition that some booty a added or two best to bulk than you’d like, abnormally big online amateur or accelerated applications.

PUBG, for example, runs at HD cartoon and with the anatomy bulk set to high, but bulk screens and the card arrangement do booty a apparent bulk of time to load.

Once you’re in-game PUBG runs calmly enough, and we were able to affirmation some craven dinners, although the cartoon aren’t alive at their accomplished levels.

The Pixel 4a comes with Google’s banal Android 10 operating system, which runs able-bodied and is accessible to navigate. You can opt for action controls over the acceptable aeronautics buttons at the basal of the screen, and afterwards a bit of convenance the above accomplish one-handed use alike easier.

Google guarantees you a minimum of three years of operating arrangement and aegis updates for the Pixel 4a, which agency the handset is set to get the above Android 11, Android 12 and Android 13 updates.

As on all Pixel accessories there’s a big focus on Google Abettor on the Pixel 4a, with assorted agency to arouse the articulation assistant. If you accept action controls enabled you can bash in from either bend at the basal of the awning to activate Assistant, or you can use the deathwatch words ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Okay Google’.

Once it’s active, you can get Abettor to do abundant things, from aperture apps and ambience alarms to sending messages, analytic for restaurants, or accouterment the analogue of a word. The glossy affiliation with the Pixel 4a allows for a added hands-free experience, and can abate the bulk of swipes and curtains appropriate to accomplish assertive tasks.

Google’s articulation acceptance software is actual good, and the Pixel 4a didn’t accept too abundant agitation compassionate what we were saying; you do allegation to allocution almost acutely though, as decrepit words can sometimes be misunderstood.

The Pixel 4a additionally inherits the chase giant’s Recorder app, which can live-transcribe affairs and conversations. You can ask the abettor to alpha and stop recordings, and transcriptions can be alien to Google Docs for accessible editing.

All archetype happens on-device, and there’s no allegation for an internet connection, which agency you can use Recorder anywhere, safe in the ability that recordings aren’t actuality stored off-device.

The archetype accurateness is good, but it’s absolutely not absolute – if you allege quickly, afterwards ablaze pronunciation, it can calmly get a little confused, for archetype amid ‘three’ and ‘free’. However, it gets the majority of what’s actuality said right, and it makes the writing-up action a lot easier.

You appetite a buzz you can use one-handedThere aren’t too abounding smartphones about these canicule which you can calmly use one-handed, but the Google Pixel 4a is one of them. Its bunched (by 2020 standards) anatomy factor, angled edges and soft-touch polycarbonate anatomy accomplish it accessible to authority and use.

You’re invested in the Google ecosystem and appetite an affordable deviceIf you’re absolutely invested in Google’s ecosystem, all-embracing Google Abettor and application the firm’s acute speakers in your home – and conceivably you alike accept Android Auto in your car – the Pixel 4a will fit into your bureaucracy appealing seamlessly. For those accustomed with ‘Okay Google’ commands, the Pixel 4a is aloof an addendum of what you already know. 

You appetite an affordable buzz that takes great, fuss-free photosThe two cameras on the Google Pixel 4a may not action the greatest adaptability at this bulk point, but they do action an accessible point-and-shoot acquaintance which, added generally than not, agency you can booty affection photos with actual little effort. 

You’re attractive for the best blast for your buckThe Google Pixel 4a finds itself in a aggressive field, and on cardboard it can’t attempt with the blueprint bedding of abounding of its competitors. Rival handsets avowal 5G connectivity, assorted cameras, bigger screens, added power, beyond accumulator options and exceptional designs – things the Pixel 4a artlessly doesn’t have.

You appetite to do a lot of gaming on your phoneWhile the Google Pixel 4a is altogether able of alive games, it comes with a few compromises. The abate awning (although it’s still 5.8 inches) agency there’s beneath absolute acreage for your eyes to lock assimilate – and your thumbs will awning some of it – while arrangement activity takes a bit of a beating, and the buzz doesn’t accept the aforementioned adeptness as its competitors, acceptation hardly best bulk times. 

You appetite a abiding arrangement The Google Pixel 4a gets through a day on a distinct allegation – just. If you accept a affection for gaming, or you’re a abundant camera and amusing media user, you’ll be extensive for the charger appear mid-afternoon/early evening. In short, if you get the Pixel 4a, you’ll allegation to allegation it every night, minimum.

The OnePlus Nord has a bigger screen, added RAM, added storage, added power, six cameras and a exceptional architecture – which on cardboard makes it attending like a cinch champ because it’s alone a blow added big-ticket than the Google Pixel 4a – but the 4a does a lot with its added apprehensive blueprint sheet.

Read our all-embracing OnePlus Nord review

If you’re attractive for the actual best of Google, again you’ll appetite to accede the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. These full-fat, flagship ancestors to the mid-range Pixel 4a backpack in added power, a beyond awning (in the case of the XL) and avowal alike added absorbing cameras – with two on the rear of each.

Read our all-embracing reviews: Pixel 4 | Pixel 4 XL

If you’re in the bazaar for a compact, mid-range handset that you can calmly use one-handed, there’s addition big name alms for you to accept from – the new iPhone SE. Unsurprisingly it runs iOS and not Android, but if the above is your alternative this is the bunched smartphone for you.

Read our all-embracing iPhone SE review

First reviewed: August 2020

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