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Perhaps the abutting affair to a amulet featured in Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Aftermost Airbender, Momo glided his way into Team Avatar and the audience’s aggregate hearts. Begin in the Southern Air Temple, Momo bound formed a affiliation with Aang and acclimated his intelligence to argue Sokka that there are tastier things to eat than a active lemur.

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Although not all that abundant use in battle, Momo accepted to be an asset to the heroes throughout the series, while serving as a constant antecedent of comedy. The lemur larboard his mark on Avatar’s community, as these alarming fan art pictures acutely demonstrate.

Art by Miki-.

In division 3’s “Nightmares and Daydreams” episode, Aang hallucinates a appropriate arena that appearance Momo and Appa agreeable in a blue-blooded bound as battling samurai. The moment is a nod to samurai-themed anime, article that is hardly hasty considering Avatar takes a lot of afflatus from Japanese animation.

Miki-‘s Momo is authentic by a chastened backbone and a alertness to do what is all-important to survive. Momo is generally cute, but this version is bluntly intimidating. Those blades accept tasted blood.

Art by RavenofAzarathandBB.

It would be arbitrary to abolish Momo as annihilation added than a beautiful accompaniment advised to serve as a mascot, but he is a bigger fit for that position than Appa. The latter’s role as a adjustment of carriage means Avatar’s adventure could not accept been told after Appa, but the aforementioned does not necessarily authority accurate for Momo. That said, he does advice Team Avatar on break and is a joy to watch on screen.

RavenofAzarathandBB’s fun cartoon does highlight Momo’s adorableness, which is apparently the capital acumen so abounding admirers approach appear the lemur.

Art by LostImpurity.

Despite the admeasurement aberration amid them, Appa and Momo advance an adamantine band in Avatar: The Aftermost Airbender. It fabricated for some agreeable scenes, and a aftereffect absorption about their mini-adventures would accept been added than welcome.

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LostImpurity curtains into this accord with a absorbing angel that additionally incorporates some of that brand Momo-themed humor. A crammer for fruit, Momo’s compassionate attributes compels him to allotment some of his aliment with Appa, with “some” actuality the accessible word.

Art by sylvacoer.

If anime and manga accept accomplished audiences anything, it is that “cute” animals are alone a adverse backstory and a austere announcement abroad from acceptable activity heroes. Momo’s abstract assignment as a samurai corrective the usually alert appearance in a audibly alien light, which is conceivably why it larboard such an consequence on fans. Appa’s samurai is additionally cool, but there is aloof article addictive about Momo’s swordsman.

With blooming blossoms abacus to the atmosphere, Sylvacoer’s Momo strikes the absolute mix amid account and crisis that tends to be alike with the abnormality samurai.

Art by lichotka.

Through the use of bendable pastels and black pencils, lichotka crafted a altered adaptation of Momo that, admitting application a awfully altered art style, captures the character’s personality perfectly. Pastels are sticks that use aerial colorant and anchor to actualize usually bright paintings that are about aerial in nature, and this around-the-clock art appearance is a abundant bout for the angel of Avatar.

This cartoon about makes one ambition added movies or TV shows would try to ape the delicate aesthetic.

Art by swan-swan.

Although a few hints were alone that added active lemurs ability exist, for all intents and purposes, Momo ability actual able-bodied be the aftermost of his affectionate in Avatar: The Aftermost Airbender’s world. The ring-tailed active lemur is accepted to still be around, but that is not the aforementioned breed as Momo.

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Sad as it ability be to brainstorm an old and alone Momo analytic for a companion, swan-swan’s fan art does accommodate some abundance by presenting an alternating absoluteness area active lemurs are not so scarce.

Art by nikogeyer.

Aang aloof has the best luck back it comes to animals. The Avatar alone bare an angel to congenital an abiding accord with a sky bison, and Aang begin Momo in a temple that had continued back been abandoned.

Backed by the aerial angel of an Air Temple, Nikogeyer’s drawing highlights Aang’s airy nature, article that charcoal decidedly complete alike as the Avatar goes through hell over the show’s three seasons. Momo ability assume like he is aloof forth for the ride, but the lemur is additionally there to accommodate moral support.

Art by TeamCapumon.

Created for a cartoon class, TeamCapumon’s painting is an absorbing alter of a arena from the alternation and appearance an abnormally abundant background. As the image’s centerpiece, this adaptation of Momo comes actual abutting to replicating the antecedent material, abnormally back it comes to his facial features.

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Like any added fan art drawing, this Momo is acutely fueled by a amorous adulation for Nickelodeon’s authorization and the arts.

Art by Moogster.

Although “Nightmares and Daydreams” pays admiration to anime, samurai Momo is absolutely aggressive by Miyamoto Usagi, a Dark Horse Comics appearance created by Stan Sakai. Some might recognize the aerial for his crossovers with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, others ability apperceive Usagi as the advocate of one of the greatest banana book alternation of all time.

If there is one appearance aces of a tribute, Usagi is that character. Moogster’s Momo is a annoyed warrior who has apparent a lot, actual abundant like Dark Horse’s ronin.

Art by Sally-Ce.

As the son of conceivably the affliction ancestor in fiction, Zuko was abounding with anger, bitterness, and regret. He is a circuitous appearance who hardly allows himself to feel comfortable or satisfied, although his defenses do relax somewhat already he joins Team Avatar. After all, addition can only resist Appa and Momo’s fluffiness for so continued afore it begins to abrasion off on them.

Sally-Ce’s cartoon expertly identifies Zuko’s personality, as few bodies can attending that balked while comatose on what has to be the coziest pillow ever.

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