April 2013
HARVEY NICHOLS-Knightsbridge

It was great to provide the sounds, for the latest, sensational window displays, at HARVEY NICHOLS, in Knightsbridge, London. It was interesting to work with their highly skilled, award winning, creative team, on this inovative project. I particularly thank Paul Chambers, who's guidance and patience was invaluable, along the way.

March 2013

The long awaited new album from the DEBORAH BONHAM BAND, "SPIRIT", has been released, containing the track "FLY", written by Simon Sessler, John Hogg & Deborah Bonham. It was wonderful, after so many years of great friendship, to finally work together... turned out pretty good too!!

July 2012

The debut album from 'SQUACKETT', the Chris Squire/ Steve Hackett collaboration, 'LIFE WITHIN A DAY', has been released. It features the track "CAN'T STOP THE RAIN", co written by Simon Sessler, Chris Squire, Steve Hackett & Gerard Johnson.

27th June 2011

I can confirm that there will be a track on the forthcoming 'YES" album, "FLY FROM HERE", entitled "THE MAN YOU ALWAYS WANTED ME TO BE", that was co written by Simon Sessler and Chris Squire.Due for release on July 1st and what I've heard so far is fantastic. Produced by Trevor Horn, it's unmistakably a Yes album. I can only say that it's an honour to be a part of the YES story and I'd like to thank the band, management and all involved.. I hope that it meets with the approval of the millions of YES fans.

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